Les Créations Dragonfly

Elementary Particle Boxes

350 €

The Elementary Particles are delicate, elegant boxes, blown and set by hand.Transparent or opaque, these spheres house a whole universe. If you put your ear to it, you could hear the music of the elements.
This symphony, which links the infinitely small to the infinitely large,
offers your secrets the most beautiful hiding place.

L'Atelier du Verre & Arnoux Sertissage
By Stéphane Parmentier

Spherical boxes in blown glass and brass setting
Handmade in France

Disponibles en deux couleurs et trois dimensions :
Petite : 8.5 x 10 cm
Moyenne : 12 x 13.5 cm
Grande : 18.5 x 20 cm

Vendu à l'unité

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