Associated Tsé & Tsé

Small April Vase

166 €

Created in 1991, it is now considered a classic. The Musée d'Art Moderne Georges Pompidou considered this vase to be a marker of its time and included it in its permanent design collection in 1997.

Inspired by Japanese ikebana, this vase isolates each flower in a tube to better highlight it. Articulated by metal rings, the Vase d'Avril is variable in geometry, adapting to the flowers it houses and the supports on which it is placed, and giving everyone the great pleasure of composing a successful bouquet.
Made of glass tubes and similar metal parts that fit together, the Vase d'Avril can be dismantled.

Smaller than its illustrious parent, the Petit Vase d'Avril adapts easily to the various corners of its environment. It is also composed of 21 test tubes - in a reduced format (10 centimetres high, instead of the 15 cm of the classic model). 

Small April Vase made in France, composed of 21 tubes, height 10 cm, Ø 2 cm, total length 55 cm.
The Small April Vase comes with a spare tube.

Maintenance tips
The zinc that protects its metal parts becomes matt when it comes into contact with water and is decorated with a light grey rust similar to frost. The metal parts cannot be washed in a dishwasher, nor can they be cleaned with scouring agents. However, Vases d'Avril are not afraid of a good bath with dishwashing liquid.

Tsé & Tsé associés is a French design house, founded by two Parisian designers, Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy. The choice of noble materials favours craftsmanship, quality and durability of the objects. No two pieces are exactly alike, these differences are the sign of the brand's originality. The two designers first designed these objects for themselves, to live with in their homes, as a daily luxury.

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