Mad & Len

Mineral potpourri - Crystals

110 €

A revisited potpourri, both modern and natural, composed of fine stones with soothing energies. The combination of rose quartz, considered as the crystal of love, and amethyst, which brings the spirit to relaxation. A few drops of perfume on the stones will diffuse an amber and powdery scent. Designed to bring softness to your environment, the mineral potpourri is the ideal object to create a feeling of well-being in your home, all in serenity and wisdom. Handcrafted in France, the iron pot is inspired by the apothecary boxes of the 1920s. It offers a new, modern and refined experience to perfume your home.

Perfume sold separately.

Small model
Stones & crystals: Amethysts and pink Quartz - Iron box

D. 9 cm X H. 5 cm - 7 cm with the lid.

Large Model
Stones & Crystals : Sodalites, Rock crystals and Blue calcites - Iron box

D. 12 cm X H. 5 cm - 7 cm with the lid

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