Olivier Filippi (Author)

For a garden without watering

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Gardening without watering: this is the dream of all gardeners who are aware of the need to preserve natural resources and wish to create a garden designed in harmony with the environment.

This dream can come true: in fact, drought, whether it is habitual as in the South of France or a new factor linked to global warming, can become a real asset for the gardener. It makes it possible to use plants that are often unknown, but which are rich in an extraordinary diversity of foliage, flowering, shapes and fragrances.
But how do you create such a garden? Which plants should be chosen, and how do they survive drought? What techniques should be used for soil preparation, planting and maintenance?

To all these questions, this book provides concrete and precise answers, based on nearly twenty years of daily experience with dry garden plants. Richly illustrated with more than 400 original photos of plants, gardens and landscapes, it also describes more than 500 plants: a wide range of perennials and shrubs to create the framework for beautiful, drought-resistant gardens of the future.

Author: Olivier Filippi
Publisher: Actes Sud
Publication date: April 2007
Number of pages: 256
Format: 24.7 x 31.5 x 1.90 cm

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