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Gold Pyrite - Home Jewellery

1.450 €

More than a piece of home jewellery, this meticulously decorated La Moulde stone is a unique creation. It was made by the only master of art embroiderer with gold thread in France. This unique decorative object has been decorated with applications of 3D cubes embroidered with fine gold. A technical and artistic feat, where the natural stones of the Domaine des Etangs river are combined with the pure elegance of fine gold. It is the very essence of nature's beauty that is celebrated here. 

Begonia d'Or
By Stéphane Parmentier

La Moulde stone with applications of 3D cubes embroidered in fine gold
Stone and gold
H 7 x W 13 x D 10 cm (+/- 10 %)
Each stone is unique, therefore the dimensions may vary.

Care instructions
For the embroidered stones, we recommend that you only dust them with an antistatic duster. Do not use any products and do not put it in contact with water.

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