Elisabeth Laville (Author)

Towards happy consumption

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Every week, a French person has the choice between 1,250 new books, 10 new perfumes, 13 new films, consumes on average one box of medicine and 1.5 kilos of meat! Our annual consumption volume is three times higher than it was in 1960.

Élisabeth Laville is not a "décroissante". But this HEC graduate, a specialist in sustainable development, explains why today's frenetic consumption is a trap.
Individually, well-being decreases with the consumption of material goods once our basic needs are met.
Collectively, this mad rush is depleting natural resources and disrupting the climate.

Is there an alternative? Yes, and it is already at work in France and around the world in companies and cities that are inventing the consumption of tomorrow. Let us rejoice: it will make us happier.

"A very well documented book, full of energy and optimism, which makes us want to act and helps us to become more informed consumers, more motivated citizens, and happier humans! "Christophe André, psychiatrist.

Author: Elisabeth Laville
Publisher: Allary Eds
Publication date: October 2014
Number of pages: 236
Format: 14 x 21cm

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