Charles Hervé-Gruyer and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer (Author)

Living with the land - Bec Hellouin farm method

89 €

Climate change is accelerating, biodiversity is collapsing, our model of civilisation is faltering... Isn't it time we invented a new way of living on Earth together, by letting ourselves be inspired by nature?

At the Bec Hellouin Organic Farm, Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer and their team seek to provide for human needs while caring for all life forms. They practice ecoculture, a new form of agriculture that mimics natural ecosystems. Scientific research has validated the results of this approach, which uses simple and effective hand tools to produce vegetables and fruit of excellent taste and nutritional quality, with yields that can be ten times higher per unit area than those of motorised organic farming. This generous production is accompanied by a rapid increase in soil fertility. A micro-farm designed according to the Bec Hellouin approach is a carbon sink and an oasis of biodiversity.

More than any other book to date, this practical manual covers a wide range of subjects: vegetable and fruit growing, garden forests, small livestock, garden cereals, tools, and all aspects of micro-farm design. It is intended for all those, amateurs or professionals, who wish to create a natural and productive farm or garden. It will guide the first steps of beginners and will accompany experienced professionals for years to come.

Author: Charles Hervé-Gruyer and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer
Publisher: Actes Sud
Publication date: May 2019
Number of pages: 1048
Format: 25 x 33cm

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