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Cognac travel box

95 €

Voyage en Cognac is a box containing 4 mignonettes from the Bourgoin Cognac house: Microbarrique, Verseau, Fine Pale and Nuage, exclusively for the Domaine des Etangs. A gourmet itinerary that takes you to discover the world of Bourgoin Cognac and the richness of its know-how. The blend of these 4 cognacs has been designed to enhance your tasting experience. The Microbarrique vintage cuvée will surprise you with its fruity and exotic notes; the Aquarius bottle is the meeting of a pure 5 year old cognac without filter, colouring or added sugar; the discovery of the Nuage cuvée will be finely more complex, with a round and long mouthfeel on notes of toast; while the Fine Pale cognac will invite you to explore the very essence of the terroir and philosophy of Bourgoin Cognac. A beautiful tribute.

Tasting box of 4 mignonettes of Cognac
Bourgoin Cognac
4 x 4cl

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