Klaus Ottoman

Yves Klein, elements and colours

40 €

Like a meteor of light, Yves Klein never ceased to pursue "the trace of the immediate in natural objects, whatever the incidence" as he wrote in 1961 in the Chelsea Hotel Manifesto.

A "painter of space" and "explorer of the void", he has made utopia one of the foundations of his art. For him, the four elements of earth, water, air and fire are essential sources of art and colour is the revelation.
This book brings together the Cosmogoniesthe Fires, the Fires Colorsthe Planetary Reliefsthe Monochromes, l'Architecture of Air and the immaterial works. In the light of the artist's writings, he presents the thought of "Yves le Monochrome" which, by reviving the ancient concepts of nature and cosmos, realises the "old dream of men and of the imagination to play with the elements of nature, to direct and control their phenomena and manifestations".

The publication of this book accompanies the exhibition Yves Klein Les Eléments et les couleurs curated by Daniel Moquay and Philippe Siauve, and presented from 25 June 2020 to 29 January 2021 at the Domaine des Etangs in Massignac.
Texts by Klaus Ottman
Edition: Arteos, July 2020
Number of pages: 248
Format: 21 x 27 cm

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